Below you will find our audio files from the 9th annual Elder, Deacon Preacher Seminar. In the first section you will find the lessons presented, and below the singing from our devotional periods. Introductions and lessons can be either downloaded or played with the embedded player, and songs can be downloaded or played within your browser if it supports playback of mp3 files.


Introduction of Tom Holland

Tom Holland – So You Want to Be An Elder?

Tom Holland – Stand Up for America

Introduction of James Watkins

James Watkins – So You Want to Be A Deacon?

Introduction of Glenn Colley

Glenn Colley – The Role of the Local Preacher in Feeding the Flock


Song Service

Holy, Holy, Holy

We Shall Assemble

Our God is Alive

Break My Heart

Pierce My Ear

Light the Fire

Praise the Lord

O Worship the King

On Zion’s Glorious Summit

There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit

When Peace Like a River

No Tears in Heaven

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

You are Beautiful Beyond Description